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Conquer Chaos In 5 Minutes Or Less!

Are your photos a mess?  What about your important documents?  Do you even know where they are?  Get Your Stuff Together gives you quick, easy 5 minute tasks to help you conquer that chaos and make all of the things that are important to you safe and sound.  Whether the danger comes from large scale natural disasters or a simple computer meltdown, you'll have everything you need to deal with it, right at your fingertips.  

With more than 230 pages, each section highlights a different area, ranging from family photos, vital documents and music, to videos, computer files, contacts and social media.  In this book you'll learn how to keep from losing the things that make your life, your life.

Grab It And Go Forms & Family Action Plans

Once you're organized, we'll even give you a place to put all of your family's vital information.  In the back of the book you'll find Grab It And Go Forms and Family Action Plans including:  Vital Documents and Information, Adult and Children's Medical History, Home Inventory, Evacuation Plan, Get Back To Life Plan, Ready In 10 Checklist, Ready In 10 Quicklist, Cool Tools with Live Links, How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Real Life Saver, & Emergency Wallet Cards.    You'll also receive a free downloadable version of all of those forms and plans that you can complete, save and archive right on your computer.     Buy Now $24.99

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A woman searching for her photos  after Superstorm Sandy.  

Introducing The Get Your Stuff Together Collection

Ready In 10 Toss This Book In Your Emergency Bin My Business Life How To Back Up Your Photos, Videos and Music My Social Life Don't Lose All Your Stuff In College

A whole collection of books dedicated to getting you, your family and the people you love organized and ready for nearly anything.  From our groundbreaking book "Ready In 10" to one-subject Action Books, The Get Your Stuff Together Collection is filled with reference books that need to be on every family's bookshelf.  

Go to our product page to check out the entire collection.   And don't forget we have bulk discounts and customization available for all of our books.  They make great gifts and giveaway items for companies and organizations too!

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